Free Shipping on Dried Meat Orders over $30

What's New

Yes some of our prices have gone up, unfortunately meat prices have increased by 40% for us this year. But a lot of great things are also different now.

  • Free Shipping on 1lb and up of dried meats.
  • $2 per lb discount on most dried meats 2lb and up.
  • Price drop on our fresh meats to make your own biltong & droewors.
  • 13% increase on our dried meat prices.
  • Shipping will be charged on fresh meat orders - shipping is calculated based on your location and distance from our facility.
  • Addition of smaller packs of products for samples and gifts.
  • Whole biltong now available in 1lb packs!

We hope you will continue to support us and enjoy our products. We plan to readjust our prices as soon as the market gets back to normal.